April 23, 2014

Knock, Knock, Who's there? William Shakespheare!

     It has been, well, months since I have blogged.  I will share more about why later, but right now I'd like to share a quickie!  Did you know that April 23rd is William Shakespeare's birthday?  Until this morning, I had no idea!  On my way to work, the DJ's on my local station started talking about this and how many phrases we use today that are from Shakespeare himself!  I thought, "How fun would it be to share with my kids!" And so I did.  
     After a quick search, I located this fun post: 

and away I shared.  The kids really liked this.  They knew a lot of them and we were able to discuss what the figurative language meant, which was a bonus to this whole discussion!  The best part, when they heard the #1 most popular phrase, which I won't reveal here on my page.  

      This was also a great chance to do some throw in history.   I was able to explain to my students, very briefly and lightly, what Elizabethan England was and how important the time period was to history-a history we just learned about when we looked at explorers in Florida!  Here's a quick peek at what we did with explorers!  

     Anyways, I'll be back quicker than you know to share what's held me up, what's been going on, and all the real teaching we get to do now that the high stakes testing for the year is over!  I'm just happy to be back!

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