May 4, 2015

May the 4th Be With You

Yes, it is International Star Wars Day and we celebrated with style!  I wore my Star Wars shirt to make the day festive and added a sign to my classroom door. 

In the morning we did some fun activities in language arts and math.  I shared some information about Star Wars and we talked about characters from a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.  I felt it was really important to share some of the female Jedi Knights, and both boys and girls were very impressed. 

It wasn’t till the afternoon that we really had some fun!  At snack time we created light saber snacks.  Unfortunately, the food coloring I thought I had turned out to be only red, which meant we all had to have Sith sabers.  They were really easy to make-frosting, stick pretzels, and a tool to put the icing on with!  I let the kids create their own and they really had fun making them.

I also found these cute Honey Maid Star Wars crackers (BOGO) at my local grocery store.  They were really yummy and I could hear the kids talking about what characters they were eating!

After snack came our real activity-graphing our favorite characters!  This was perfect because we happen to be on our graphing unit right now!  I found this at Royal Baloo and it was easy to use.  The lines copied very light, so I had to darken the copies on the machine.  I created a Mimio lesson to go with the graphing activity (while I watched The Avengers on t.v.-I am a sci-fi geek and I know it!)

I also made a support page so that all of content that we needed was present.   The kids created the question to ask and then gathered their tallies. 

Once that was completed, they filled in their graphs. 

As a final step, they flipped over to the back of the paper and asked a question that a friend had to answer about their graph!

            Simple and fun to celebrate one of the greatest  “fun” holidays on the calendar.  Next year, I will be planning for more fun events, including a storm trooper to fill my door and Yoda ears for all!  I’ve got 4 more years in a row to come up with some fun stuff-May the 4th be with me!!!

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JanCT said...

I had no idea there was such a thing as International Star Wars day. How fun is that? I watched the first movie (the young'uns call it the FOURTH movie) when I was around 7 years old. I remember crossing the street with my family to get to the movie theater! It sounds like your day was great fun! Happy International Star Wars Day! May the "fourth" be with you!
Laughter and Consistency

Julie Santello said...

I am already thinking of things for next year! In this few days since May the 4th, I have seen kids become more interested in the books I brought in. That's what I'm really happy about-it's another opportunity to get them reading!!