August 19, 2015

Braggin' All the Way

This year I've decided to use Brag Tags in my classroom!  I am super excited to try this out.  I am not one for giving treasure box rewards and having a "store" in my room.  I am more about meaningful praise based on being responsible.  I am a huge believer in The Responsive Classroom and the idea that students should learn to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  My school does use the 8 Keys of Excellence and they fit in nicely to the general principles found in TRC.  Here's a little breakdown of how my Brag Tags are coming along.

I purchase this roll of dog tag chain at Michael's for $9.99 (I did use my teacher discount so it was less! Next time I will use a coupon too!)  I cut it into 18 inch pieces using my husband's metal crimpers.  Super easy!

Next, I added these chain connectors.  I got 12 for $1.98.  I purchased them at Lowes.  I couldn't find them at Michael's, so I did a quick search of the net. Lowes carries them in their fan section and they were a great price for the least amount of work!

I went ahead and cut them into the 18" sections and added the connectors.  I will tell you I came across a lot of connectors that wouldn't connect. I don't know if it was because my fingers gave out or they just didn't work. But I bought 5 packages so I had plenty.  I had enough chain for 21 students, so I will have a few extra for those who come into the class as the year progresses. 

Now, I have a great suggestion for purchasing Brag Tags-These adorable tags from The Almost Their Height Teacher!

I just LOVE them!  I have purchased all of her Brag Tags for use this year and I'm totally excited to use them!  I might try my hand (and have as you will see in a minute!) but not too much, as she has almost everything I would need!  

So, with that, I'm calling it a night with a FREEBIE!  Here's a Brag Tag for Back to School Night which is, for me, tomorrow night! 

 When is yours and how do you use Brag Tags!  


The Almost Their Height Teacher (Angela) said...

Well you have just made my day by blogging about my tags - thank you so much, it rocks that you like them so much....and just to let you know... I have finished creating yet, there is another pack of general tags to come, they just take awhile to create. Also if there is any missing in the packs you have that you need, I am more than happy to create them for you :) Hope back to school goes well for you.

Julie Santello said...

I feel like a Brag Tag stalker! I really do love them! Thanks for the offer and I will keep that in mind!