December 9, 2015

Santa's Force and Motion Workshop!


    Oh my, I thought it would be a hit, but not like this!  My students LOVE this unit!  I mean, LOVE!  The want more and more, and the excitement is right there!  So, let's take a look at what Santa's Force and Motion Workshop is all about!  (If you are joining me as I go along, I will be posting as we complete each lesson!)

     I will tell you, I sent out a Sign-Up Genius to ask for supply donations.  If you are lucky enough to have parents that like to donate, this is the way to go.  Here is what my list was:
                 Mini Marshmallows (3 bags)
                 Sand Paper-Rough Grain (3 pieces)
                 Straws (36)
                 Square Gift Boxes (5 total for my groups)
                 Glass Ornaments (7, just in case!)
                 Ball of String
                 9 oz. Plastic Cups (40)
                 Buffalo Snow/ Batting
                 Tissue Paper
                 Wrapping Paper

     The first experiment we conducted is "The Poles Know".  First, use STRING!  I had yarn at first and it did not work well.  The yarn has too much flexibility.  It will allow the magnet to be pulled up to the magnets.  Anyways, I simply tied the yarn STRING to the paperclips and taped the magnets to the ruler. (Next year I will be getting a longer piece of thin wood or even a jazzed up piece of cardboard that allows more space between the books!)  
Once we got started, I showed the kids how the paperclips would dangle down and we discussed gravity.  Just with this discussion they were excited!  Well, then I pulled the first paperclip up-and it didn't work!  We talked about the flexibility in the yarn and we adjusted, but I just couldn't get it to hang freely.  So, I suggested the second.  With a little adjusting, I got it to hang freely!  They were totally amazed!  I was amazed!  I have tried experiments before and they were complete failures.  I know all the variables could cause failure, but we got it!  The other paperclips just stuck!  It didn't matter, the kids totally got the idea!  Then, I explained the science behind it!  It was awesome!  So, I highly recommend this experiment!  I give it an A!  
      But, don't stop there!  This is where I wish I had an Elf on the Shelf!  After school I was able to round up some STRING! OH MY WORD!  

Not only are those paperclips free-flying, but with a good amount of space too!  The looks on their faces this morning!  It would have made an awesome Elf on the Shelf moment!  "Look, I fixed your Science Experiment!"  The best part, the kids still won't let me take the experiment down!  The students that sit there insist on sitting somewhere else so everyone can keep their eye on what is going on!  That elevated this experiment to an A+!  
 (I like how the string is flying free too!)

Activity #2

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Melina Polin said...

We are doing this now. Are there any other posts with your results?