November 1, 2013

It's All About the Costume!

      Halloween, fun and candy galore!  It is also a time killer-waiting for the party, waiting, in my case, for the parade that my school holds.  What’s a teacher to do?  Especially when you have, based on your own opinion, a boring costume.  As a team, we went with simple-dice.  White shirts, black dots-done.  I put mine on with double sided tape for easy removal.  On my way to work, I decided that I would, simply, change my white shirt.  I would use the black dots in a different way-I would turn myself into a ghost.  That got my brain thinking, and here’s where it lead.  With all that down time, my boring white shirt, and kids who couldn’t concentrate long enough to do anything “standard” worthy, I decided to let them create the rest of my costumes for the day!  Out came the construction paper and scissors.  But, more importantly, their creativity.  Below is the sequence of my costumes for the day!
Here's the dice!  Kids also came up with dominos.  

This was my favorite.  The cat, including the stripes!

I called him the horned man!

This was Mike Wazowski's cousin, Bubba!

This is the girly ghost costume!

This is a monster made of a variety of different animals, from sea turtle to dragon!

The ghost duck!
And, the grand finale.......

A No Homework Pass Coupon!  How could I give them homework with a costume like this!

     I’m definitely going to work my costumes around this idea from now on.  It solved so many problems with the day and let the kids have fun and pride in something they created.  Other kids spent the rest of the day wearing the costumes that the kids made for me and one ended up on the wall, as a permanent reminder of the opportunity to step out and create something just, plain fun!


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