August 25, 2014

I Made It Monday!

Today starts the 2nd week of school for me, and, as I intended, I am writing a blog post.  However, it is NOT the topic I meant it to be.  This post was supposed to be about my classroom theme, not what I did all summer!  But, alas, I left my phone at school with ALL the pictures on it that I needed to make the post work!  So, instead, you get "I MADE IT MONDAY"! 
Lots of bloggers share "Made it Monday", showing off all the goodies they made for their classrooms throughout the summer.   I’ve decided to show you what I made to wear in my classroom for the school year!  This summer I rediscovered the seamstress inside of me!  I must say, it was like having therapy!  And, I look great to boot!  That’s a win win!
Here’s how it started.  I was in our local Walmart ALONE and decided to go down the newly reinstated material and pattern isle!  I started looking through the pattern book and, to my surprise, was amazed by the very stylish  patterns that we in it!  One of the reasons I stopped sewing was because the patterns were not keeping up with the fashions of the time!  These new patterns were awesome!  It just so happens that the next day I was speaking to my mother.  I asked where the closest JoAnn’s was, and she informed me that it was out in the community I worked in.  The very next day, a Monday, my son started his summer session at his school –in that community!  It was lining up perfectly!  I hit JoAnn’s and came home with material to make two skirts and a shirt.  That very afternoon, skirt number one was made, and the rest is history!  So, without further delay, here we go!

This picture comes first because it is what I wore today!  I had my son take some shots of me in the back yard.  It is McCall’s # M6706 (skirt) and #M6708 (jacket).  The red shirt is store bought.  It was very fun to wear, but the skirt took a while to sew. Lots of straight LONG lines!  I got lots of compliments on it!

These are two of the skirts I made with New Look pattern #6899.  The brown one is the first skirt I made this summer. The other is rigged in so many ways that it made me realize sewing is like riding a bike! (The pattern lies about how much you need, so I had to add some fabric here and there to make it work!)

This is the shirt from the same New Look pattern (#6899) and a skirt to go with it.  I’m not thrilled with the shirt, as it is a little large for me.  But the orange sweater I have will go with it and cover it up enough that I will be fine.

This is the first dress I made.  McCall’s patterns were on sale that first week.  I really love this dress.  It is fun and I love the pockets.  It was actually very easy too! McCall's M6506 with a smaller collar.  I actually took a lot off of it!

This skirt is a fun pattern but it lies. (McCall’s pattern #5430)  It says “one hour skirt!”  It took me six hours between the pressing, the sewing, and adding a self-slip! But, I love it!  

This is just a fun picture of the other dress I made, McCall’s M6503 .  On Friday night my Church’s youth group had a scavenger hunt based on Where’s Waldo!  I was the Pink Shopping Lady!  I added the boa and hat just for the event!  This is the dress I wore the first day of school as well.  It is cool and pretty at the same time!  In this heat, it is a plus! 

I did make a pair of pants, which, honestly, are in the wash right now!  They aren’t my favorite, but they work with a long shirt!  I have 3 more dresses to make (I’m hoping to make one over this long weekend coming up) and a skirt as well.  I did get material and a pattern for a winter jacket.  I need to pick out lining and hope for weather cool enough here in Florida to be able to wear it.  We usually get some cold fronts that are worthy of a good winter coat! 

That’s may fashion show for Make It Monday!  Now, if I could just remember my phone, I can post what my classroom looks like this year!  

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