January 30, 2015

Five For Friday Linky!

This week I'm trying out the Five For Friday Linky Party over at Doodle Bugs Teaching!  I'm feeling like I'm getting my groove back after I've shared my soul, so here we go!

So I figured I would start off with my saddest moment!  I had to say good-bye to one of my students this week.  His dad got an awesome job and they are moving away.  It just so happened that they took one last trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth" while they were in Florida.  It was the perfect opportunity to have my class make him cards for when he needs a friend.  It was wonderful to see kids work so hard for one of their friends.  It was the first time I've ever done this and I will do it again!  This is how it looked.

I'm super excited to be teaching my close read packet called What Do Birds Do When They Fly South? We started by using the Reciprocal Teaching at Work technique.  We predicted what we would find in the packet and shared our questions orally.  Then we became more focused on the first read-What is the South?  It was amazing to hear kids ask questions I asked myself while I was planning and writing!  We did our second one today on robins!  I've imported them into my Mimio software and add the pictures to the Mimio display!  It has been awesome!  

We also discussed the pace of each reading in a close read today. We discovered that the first read is a relaxing pace, working to enjoy and open our minds to the topic.  The second read is much slower, as we examine the reading for answers.  We have been reading the questions before we move into the second reading so we are more aware of what we are looking for.  Then we discussed how the last read is a little quicker, as we look to clarify our thinking.  It was a great discussion!

Some days you just hit the mother load!  Today was that day in Book Fair form!  Our media specialist set up the book fair and had teacher preview day!  I found a number of books that will be a MUST!  I am most excited about....

This will go perfectly with my next writing, Monsters and Love Bugs in a Jar!   How great is that!  Now it will flow amazingly!  The other books are great for read alouds during Morning Meeting!  Mama Built a Little Nest was a beautiful read!  It had many nests in the story and some of them match birds that are in my close reads!  I also know that my kids will eat up The World of Birds!  We are the first class at recess and there are many days that we get to spot the amazing bird life on our campus!  They will want to bring it to recess!  I'll be right there with them!!

Today I had the funniest moment with my husband!  My oldest son was sick today. So I decided to explain to my husband that many years ago, when I had to stay home with my kids when they were sick, it would frustrate me to no end! He got to go to work! I had to write plans, I had to figure out how to get them to the school or go in, and I had to think all day long about the fact that a sub was in my room and what in the world was going on!  Well, now my husband works from home!  Easy, right!  He stays home, I go to work!  Sick child stays with him.  That's just it-I was frustrated this morning that I couldn't stay home!  I can't even justify that my child needs me enough for me to stay!  He's a teenager and we had the meds he needed right there, at home!  It was a eye opening moment!  I needed to value those days because they are gone!

I am super excited!  I've had the best TPT month ever!  It is such a great feeling!  I am also very thankful to everyone who made purchases from my store!  I've been really thinking about what to do with my earnings, as this was just an opportunity to earn a little extra!  With a lot of prayer and consideration, I will be using a large portion of my sales to save up for a missions trip with my church!  This will be a two ticket purchase, as I will be bringing my teen age son with me!  I'm not sure where we will go yet, but God knows!  There are a few possibilities and more will open as I save!  I am so blessed that this can happen with the earnings I will make this year on TPT! Thanks to everyone again!

So, that's it!  My Five for Friday!  What was your top five this week!  Leave me a comment to let me know!


JanCT said...

Julie, I'm so glad you linked up and that I discovered your blog. It's so great that you're saving for a missions trip with your son. My friends went to Kenya last summer. My husband works from home now, too. It's so much easier for me, but I find that I sort of miss picking them up from daycare sometimes. Have a great weekend!
Laughter and Consistency

Julie Santello said...

Thanks for your comment! We are looking at the Malnutrition Center in Guatemala or whatever our youth paster comes up with for next summer! I checked out your blog and followed you on Pintrest too! I'm originally from Connecticut-Oakville!!