February 20, 2015

Friday Fun Again!

Yes, I'm taking the easy fun way out and doing a quick Five for Friday Post by Doodlebugs Teaching!  So, here we go!  

I was able to survive the week with a minimal voice!  This weather wiped my voice out!  The kids were really great and helped me throughout the last 3 days to be successful in communicating our needs!  Today one sweet girl said, "Mrs. Santello, you sound so much better!"  It lasted for most of the morning, and then I was back to a frog voice!

I know, what a horrible picture.  But it was the best I could do on the notice I had.  You see, I didn't have my long lens with me and they needed this picture-fast.  In that nest was a eaglet with what is called a scissor beak.  That means it would eventually die if left in the wild.  I was texted to go take this picture because it would determine if they would climb the tree or bring a bucket truck to save that baby eaglet.  She is now in the hands of a vet who has completed surgery and gives all hope that she will recover and live back in the wild as soon as she can.  That, my friends, makes this a great picture!

Have you seen this story?  This is a great story!  Now, I know many of you are saying, "WHHHHHHHAT!" but it is a great story!  My kids are totally into vultures now!  So, between #2 and #3, I bet you can guess what I like to do!  But, really, this is a beautifully written and INCREDIBLY illustrated story.  The colors are vibrant and extremely well done!  Now, about vultures-did you know that if it wasn't for them the human race would be riddled with diseases!  They are built to beat disease while cleaning up our world of carrion-the word I used with the kids!  We learned all kinds of interesting facts today and then went outside to look, because there is ALWAYS vultures flying around our playground (is that a sign!)   Of course, today-NOT ONE!  Right before we went in one finally showed up!  Needless to say, we will be looking for one again on Monday!

We've been working hard on our Love Monsters in a Jar for Valentine's Day!  Their stories are really cute and they are coming out great!  I will need to start them earlier next year, but it is still a lot of fun!  I have Love Bugs and Monsters in my class.  One is named Sugarcrumb Plum!  So cute!

It's a town!   Today my content teaching partner and I created this little beauty!  All of the children in both classes created a building for the town.  We created the layout.  Their faces were so great when we brought them up to see it after specials.  They were amazed.  What are we going to do with it you ask?  Create a map and map key.  They will zero in on their building and the two or three beside it.  They will draw this on their map and create a key.  Today we talked about birds-eye view.  They were the birds and they got to look down upon the map!  I will be adding the directional signals so they can correctly label their maps with a compass rose!  So excited to see how this goes!  I'll update you on it!  

So, that's my Friday Fun Again!  I think I should have titled it For the Birds!!!

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