September 18, 2015

Five For Friday: Five "Not So Fancy" Anchor Charts

      For this week's Five for Friday over at Doodle Bugs Teaching, I've decided to share my "Not So Fancy" anchor charts to encourage all of you who are not into the crazy rage of "Fancy" charts!  I believe charts should represent the real you, made right there with kids.  Now, I will say a few of these are a little bit fancier than I normally do.  I'm branching out and trying some "redo's" and some "print and go" type charts, but, for the most part, they are "not so fancy".  Here we go!

    I got this great idea to name my math rotations from a blog somewhere.  I had it as a tab on my Chrome, but, alas, it was closed!  Now I am not sure where I got it, but I LOVE IT!  Thank you wonderful teacher who used the M.A.T.H. idea that I adapted to my own.  I direct the kids to this chart while we are doing rotations so they don't interrupt me! 

        This was, literally, spur of the moment teaching.  One of our strategies for the week was Context Clues.  I'm not a fan of the basic ideas given in manuals because they don't really work!  I used word that we are using in class to help grow connections between our talk and the skill.  The little stop signs you see are other Key Words we talked about but haven't found in our story.  I didn't have them ready because it was so spur of the moment.  This is one of my favorites this week!

      This is another skill we are working on with our story. (The dog prints are there because it is a story about dog adoption!  OH! Why, oh why, hasn't that hit me!  Great opportunity to invite a rescue team in!  Next year!)  This is one of the print and go ideas I will be offering in my Wonders Grade 2, Unit 1 Enrichment packet.  We also wrote friendly letters!  It was so much fun today and the letters came out AMAZING!  

      This is an oldie but a goodie!  Years ago my former school adopted a behavior system out of the University of Florida.  It was a great system but relied on the use of a Time Out Room to be really effective.  It also came with a variety of lessons.  This was one of them-to clearly define jobs of the student and teacher.  It was so funny to look at my list.  Some of them were straight out in your face-Mind your own business!   That doesn't work today!  Anyways, I needed to do this with my students because some of them are very "teacherish" in their choices.  This will be hanging as a reference point, exactly as it currently is!

       This one is my FAVORITE!  Again, total spur of the moment.  We have been struggling with Speaking with Good Purpose when there is an accident.  One student is accusing, the other is denying, and it suddenly hit me-they don't know what an accident is REALLY!  So, we went step by step!  Wrote it down!  Modeled it! It worked!  The next thing I know, an accident happened!  And, just like that, "Oh, I'm sorry!"  We will be going over this a number of times to just instill in us what accidents are and that our bodies do things we don't realize!  Oh, happy day!!  

      So, that's my Five For Friday "Not So Fancy" anchor charts!  What do you have for us?!  


Kayla Root said...

I love the final one! That is a great idea to make an anchor chart about accidents. We are struggling with that in kindergarten and I may steal your idea with that chart.
The Chalkboard Garden

JanCT said...

My students could use the "what is an accident" and the "student job" anchor charts! I definitely have some overly-sensitive students. I also have some "teacherish" students who want to do my job for me! Usually what they say is right on, but it isn't their place to say it! Thanks for sharing your anchor charts. Mine aren't very fancy either!
Laughter and Consistency

Julie Santello said...

Use away! Let's take over the world with purposeful anchor charts! One chart at a time!!

Julie Santello said...

Stealing is the best form of compliment when the ideas are free! I'm glad that someone else will use the idea!

ithappenedin3rd said...

I definitely need the student job and accident charts! Happy I came across this!