September 21, 2015

I Made it Monday: Sewing Summer in Review

Last year I shared with you how I rediscovered sewing.  This summer, I hit it hard!  It was so relaxing to just sit and sew my summer away.  It may have taken me a couple of weeks, but I'm through wearing all of the outfits I made this summer!  I documented each one because so many of you wonder what I make!  So, here they are!
Butterick 5982

I wore this the first day of school and to a number of weddings this summer!  It is just a fun dress!  

Top Simplicity 1430 Skirt 2451

This was my second day of school outfit!  I purchased the material at Walmart.  They have invested in really well made fabric from Waverly.  Don't be afraid to buy from them-I have yet to find a bad fabric!  

T-Shirt New Look 6735  Skirt- Simplicity 1560

I fell in love with this fabric at JoAnn's.  It is a simple skirt to make!  It only took about 2 hours.  The t-shirt was easy too, but the material stretches really badly.  Plus, somehow, in the wash, it gained a highlighter stain!  It is now an around the house shirt.  I purchased a t-shirt to wear with the skirt.

Butterick 5466

Just the skirt!  It was another Walmart fabric find.  I really fell in love with this fabric and then I found the cute t-shirt with the cut out!  Simple and fun to wear!

Simplicity  1699

I almost trashed this dress!  It just didn't come out right and it took me a number of days to get it to fit right.  Then, it just was blah.  I added the orange trim after seeing a number of people do this with the dress.  Cute sweater to cover up the sleeves I don't like.  Then it worked!  Needless to say, so did everyone else!

Shirt- Simplicity 1462  Skirt- Butterick 5466

I really enjoyed making this shirt.  It does have  slide zipper that is invisible.  I've never done that before.  I love the opening at the top and it is a very nice shirt.  The skirt is the same one as the straight paisley.  I added a couple of inches to it.  I should have ironed the hem too!  

Simplicity 1883

This is another dress I almost gave up on.  I didn't like it at first.  In fact, I've used this as an example when I taught "Failure leads to Success".  The zipper is not exactly something I'm proud of.  But, again, everyone liked it!  May have to fix the zipper!!

Butterick 6168

I really love this one.  It is fun and easy to wear.  The skirt if full but flattering.  I wish I would have stood straighter for the picture because it does look very nice!  It is exactly the color on the cover of the pattern because it was a great color for me!  Thank you Butterick for the suggestion!

Butterick 5982

This one I LOVE!  And so did everyone else! It is our school colors as well, which made the kids love it.  I took the view with the multiple skirts and cut one band in half.  Then I used those to make the stripes at the bottom.  I eliminated that much (8") off the bottom and sewed the bands on.  Otherwise, the dress is exactly the same as the pattern!!  Easy too!

Shirt-Simplicity 1430  Skirt-New Look 6899

This is my go-to skirt!  So simple, so easy, but the pattern has the wrong material amount listed for my size!  So I always get a little extra!  The shirt is the same as the green one I wore the second day.  All I did was change the band color to highlight the cream in the skirt.  They I used a bow from another dress pattern to create the bow for the shirt.  LOVE  IT!

Shirt - Butterick 3383  Skirt- Simplicity1560

This is the same skirt pattern as the green and blue paisley from the first week.  It is a different view, a kick skirt style.  The shirt is a simple tunic, but I added two inches at the fold.  This allowed me to do a front pleat.  I also added the same brown color from the skirt around the neck and arms as a highlight. I found this look on Pinterest and liked it, so I modified it for this top!  It does have a jacket, but I didn't stitch the sleeves down and, well, it's still too hot for a jacket.  This will move nicely into the fall and winter months in Florida!  

What do I do with my scraps you ask?  Well, I found something to do with them too!  This is just one of the outfits I made in doll sized patterns!  It was fun sharing these with a special friend for her 7th birthday!

So, that sums up my summer sewing!  It was fun to wear all these great outfits but even funner to know that it cost me a fraction of the cost it would to have purchased all of this. Plus, it was therapy!  No need for a therapy when you have a sewing machine!  

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