July 15, 2016

Five for Friday: 5 TpT Conference Take-Aways

I was totally blessed to attend the TpT Conference in Orlando on Wednesday and Thursday.  It is 48 hours of mind-blowing, never stopping, walk, listen, and take noting, meet peopling, smile and wave moments like no other conference I've ever attended!  To say that it is excitement is to downplay everything about it!  Amazing is a great word to use, but still can't capture it all.  Here are my Five for Friday take-aways with a freebie at the end!

I’d have to say this was totally mind-blowing for me.  I know, sounds obvious right!   However, when you enter a world for the first time, things hit you in a different way.  When like-minded people surround you, you adjust your thinking.  I have been spending my whole time on TpT just feeling great about a sale, that it was fun, that it was just extra money.  I have a different mindset now.  It has to be.  There are parts of this that are a business.  I’ve begun to wrap my mind around that.  And, who doesn’t want success in a business=mindset.  I attended a session specifically about this very thing.  It was amazing and finished my first day on Wednesday.  It made me really begin to process as the evening went on.  I’m here to say, set your mind on what you want and how you want it to be.  It is very powerful to meet million dollar teachers and know they are still happy teachers, down to earth, that it doesn’t steal your joy or make you greedy and above others.  SET YOUR MIND!  So, where’s your mindset. 

Again, I had to begin to think about this as real money.  Up until now I pictured it as play money.  Things I could buy for me, things I could do for my family.  I have paid for a mission trip for my son and myself.  But now, this is MONEY!  I attended a financial session (after hearing in the mindset session that if you are at the beginning of your TpT success, make a business plan and have that as your mindset!)  The gentleman that presented was a teacher who just was wise in his finances.  He made himself a millionaire by simply teaching himself what he needed to do!  As a seller, we need to be investing what we are making and really use our profit to build our personal finances.  Time to change my mindset!

Wow!  There are SO many people at the conference-and many know each other at this point.  There were times I really struggled to fit in or find my “tribe”.  I met some wonderful ladies the first night and I did find them from time to time.  I met some of my local ladies and I was glad for that.  I met some of the Florida Bloggers, I’m happy for that.  I attended a wonderful session on Building a Tribe, and that’s where I met a group of ladies that I seemed to bond with.  Both are also from Florida and we seem to work well with each other.  I will be working on building these relationships and building more within the larger group of excellent sellers that I met.  I have to say, it brought to me the importance of finding people to network with and it changed my mindset about how to build and grow my business!

There are moments to grab-and you need to!  I was able to speak with one of the TpT Main Players and two things happened! 1.  She took a picture of my store logo to remember me by!  And, 2.  I used what we were talking about to mention a product in my store and SHE WROTE IT DOWN!  Yes, she WROTE IT DOWN!  Now, it may go absolutely nowhere, but I grabbed a moment.  
My moment was with this lovely lady!! :) 

I think the whole event is about grabbing moments, even if they are small.  You don’t have to be in the group of laughing sellers.  You don’t have to stick like glue to pals.  You don’t have to pass out the most business cards.  You have to seize moments.  Some sellers were surprised when they heard all the Teacher Super Stars I just walked up to and started talking too.  I was looking for those moments!  Why not!  I guess I had good mindset on that one! 

If you haven't met Rachel Lynnet, you haven't met the nicest person ever!  She is amazing!

My final take away is that there is one and ONLY ONE thing that guarantees success and repeated sales-QUALITY!   There is no formula-QUALITY! That exact word was used over and over again-from products, to pins, to videos made, to blog posts (Thanks Teeny Tiny Teacher-you were awesome!), to pictures taken that you use.  If it isn’t quality, you will not go anywhere.  You’ll get basic sales, but you won’t get repeat sales.  You want repeat sales.  Unless you commit to the best of the very best of product development, you will just make basic sales.  Quality not quantity matters.  So, I’m making this my COMPLETE mindset.  I’ve always believed that, but there are still a couple of things that I need to really work on in my store to attain what I believe are my current levels of quality!  I’m excited that this is the key, and that it is not some formula that I was missing because I can’t read the forums because they blow my mind.  That I can’t participate in Pinning Parties.  That I can’t get to my blog all the time.  Quality! 

In the middle of the night from Wednesday to Thursday I woke up with the BEST idea-only to completely forget it!  Trust me, going to the Conference makes your brain go on Hyper-active Hyper-drive!  Luckily, at Cracker Barrel during breakfast it came back to me!  A wonderful waitress lent me a pen and one of her order sheets.  I jazzed it up and made it just for this post.  This BEST idea-a basic set of business plan questions that you can fill out to begin to guide your thinking.  These came from a combination of all the sessions and all the ideas sort of jammed into one form!  So, it is yours, for free! We all need to set our minds on how to be the BEST quality we can be!  I’m excited to share it with you!  Down load it here!  

Leave your comments and thoughts about this post!  I’m excited to hear what they are!

Had to randomly share my photo too!


Pat McFadyen said...

Hi, Julie, you are absolutely right! The conference left me changed and inspired and for all of the reasons you mentioned! I plan to approach my TpT store very differently now. I wish I had met you - but there's always next year! I'm off to begin processing all that I learned! Thanks and take care!

live laugh love to learn said...

YES! The TPT conference was amazing! Mindset, Tribes, and QUALITY were my favorite takeaways. Oh, and I may just have to embrace video! :)
I also LOVED Rachel Lynette - so down to earth and so NICE!

Julie Santello said...

Processing with take days! I just started thinking about all the links, groups, and things I have to go through! Yes, it would have been nice to meet you too! Next year!

Julie Santello said...

I know!! Video!! I've got some ideas and have a few weeks before school starts to try it out! It is on my list for SURE!

Treetop Creations said...

Thank you so much for sharing...such great information for all of us who weren't able to attend the conference.

Julie Santello said...

You are welcome!

Julie Santello said...

You are welcome!

Princess Netherly said...

I enjoyed reading your post! You are so right when you say seize those moments big and small at the conference.
Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

Renee Dawn said...

Thanks, Julie, for all your you-are-there descriptions! I feel like I was there with you.

Julie Santello said...

Yes, it will be the thing I remember to do next time! It is so different going through groups and pages now because I have met so many people and I know who they are now! Seize those moments!

Julie Santello said...

That's awesome! Thanks!