January 10, 2017

Happy, Big Time Happy, Big Happy Planner that Is!

      I'm not a planner type of person.  They drive me nuts!  I mean, who spends sixty plus dollars on a planner that they order online that they have fun writing in??  I mean, you can't even add pages of your own!  Then, I saw THIS PICTURE!  

How in the world did she get her own page in that planner??  Why do those rings look different then all the other personal planners?  What's that pink thing???  HOW DID SHE GET THOSE PAGES IN THERE!!  I just had to ask!  Luckily Stephanie from Teaching Little Leaders quickly replied-and I'm in LOVE!!  

The planner you see in the picture above is  the Happy Planner by Create 365!  The whole idea of this planner is to personalize it in a way that those other planners can't be personalized ! By simply removing the pages carefully a the edge closest to the rings, you can set it up in an y order that you like!  I happened to get mine in January, so I am going to against everything that screams SCHOOL to me and leave mine alone.  But if you wanted to start in July or August like most school planners do, it would be as simple as pulling out the monthly tabs and rearranging them to be in order from July to June.  That's it.  You wouldn't have to change any other pages, or at least not in this particular one.  

I'm sorry my picture came out a little pink! 

     I purchased the "kit" model of the Big Happy Planner.  It comes with everything you need to set up your planner!  This kit was a great price (plus on sale too!) so it was the easiest way to go.  It came with all the number stickers and decorative stickers right in the kit.  I did  buy some other stickers from another brand, because, by the looks of the isle at Michaels, this is becoming a big thing!  And it is easy to see why.  I could easily go back to Michaels and pick out a few more sticker sets to add some more fun to my planner!  Anyway, I also purchased the Big Paper Punch.  This is how you get the pages into your Happy Planner.  The Big Paper Punch has a bonus to it.  It can actually punch holes for any of the planners!  So, if I ever decide to go with one of the smaller planners, this tool will work for those also!  I'm telling you, I'm sold on this system!  It is brilliant!  

    One more important feature to discuss is the rings.  They are really cool, heavy plastic disks.  When I originally visited their website, I noticed that you can transition your planner onto even larger rings.  If needed, that will be something I do in the future. The clerk at Michaels explained that I can basically double the amount of pages that are currently in the planner before I need to change the rings!  

     So, I'd like to thank Stephanie from Teaching Little Leaders once more.  If you haven't noticed yet, the picture above is linked to the very freebie that lead me to the Happy Planner!  She now has a whole year packet available!  

Sorry they are a little blurry!  Darn Daylight Savings! 

Also, I have created some cute flower and owl note taking pages that are available in my store on TpT.  They will always be just a $1.00, because I figure that would make a lot of people happy, just like this planner!  So, check them out here!

    I'd love to hear what you do with your Happy Planner-tips, ideas, other uses for the planner!  Feel free to comment to share your ideas!  I hope this posts makes you happy too!  


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